Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the turkey, trimmings, family and friends!

Why not take your guests for a walk and show off our beautiful neighborhood.
It sounds like we’ll have a crisp, sunny T-day!

And make sure, after your guests have left, you check to make sure all your
doors and windows are locked. With people going in and out of your home,
and windows being opened to cool down that hot kitchen, make sure everything
gets locked back up before you leave your house or go to bed.

In case you’re haven’t heard, there will NOT be trash or recycling pickup on
Thursday night. You can put your recycling out on Friday night, but the
next trash pickup will be on Monday.

Also, this is the last week for yard waste curbside pickup. The yard waste
center is closed for the season, so take advantage of this one last

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