November Message from Captain Morris

The West Watch website will be featuring blogs from different people in our community.  One will be from Captain Morris who is in charge of TWW area.  Here is Captain Morris’ message for November:

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the Allentown Police Department was confronted with numerous issues to deal with. Extra officers were on patrol every shift from the start of the Hurricane up until the power was back on throughout the majority of the city. Our officers had to deal with a wide variety of issues from the power outage, to many traffic lights being out, to the danger presented by the gusting winds.

Another issue that we had to contend with was those individuals that took advantage of victims affected by the storm. Although an uptick in crime could have been expected, it was kept to a minimum throughout the city. All in all it was a very effective, coordinated group effort amongst the various agencies throughout the city. Many individuals worked long hours to protect the residents of Allentown, provide them medical services, assist with clean up and restore the city to its functioning state.

With that said, I can’t stress enough the use of basic crime prevention techniques at your home.

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