Where To Find West Watch News

The West Watch is not active at this time.

To find out what’s going on in our area join NextDoor.

Nextdoor is the private social network for you, your neighbors and your community. It’s the easiest way for you and your neighbors to talk online and make all of your lives better in the real world. And it’s free.

People are using Nextdoor to:

  • Quickly get the word out about a break-in
  • Organize a Neighborhood Watch Group
  • Track down a trustworthy babysitter
  • Find out who does the best paint job in town
  • Ask for help keeping an eye out for a lost dog
  • Find a new home for an outgrown bike
  • Finally call that nice man down the street by his first name

Nextdoor’s mission is to use the power of technology to build stronger and safer neighborhoods.

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Feb. 2015 Crime Map

Check the Crime Map page to see the Feb. 2015 crime map.  There were 229 incidences in PSA2 in Feb. There were 270 crimes reported in Jan.  The lower crime rate could be due to the very cold weather.

At this time, The West Watch is not planning a meeting until June.  More information to come when available.

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Gone in 60 Seconds: Using High-Tech DNA Coding to Stop Car Theft

Auto related thefts are the most common crime in our area.  Click on this link to read about the latest in car protection systems.  The article starts off with this paragraph…

Wow, you can’t be too careful these days. I got a call yesterday from a professional-sounding voice who told me the good news—I’d been selected for a free security system as part of a promotion that was targeting my neighborhood! All I had to do was put up a lawn sign. “Do you have a security system now?” he asked brightly. That set off alarm bells; it’s just what a crook looking for an unprotected house would ask, and I told him so. Guess what, he hung up.


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Police Ride Along Program

In an effort to foster a positive relationship with the community and to help citizens better understand what our officers do on a daily basis, the Allentown Police Department has a ride along program that puts citizens in police cars out on patrol with officers. Citizens can get a first-hand look at the challenges officers face each day and hopefully come away with a better understanding of the services we provide.  ​As a professional law enforcement organization, we constantly strive to improve the level of service to our community.  To that end, it is necessary to establish and maintain certain rules that govern the conduct and activities of citizens who ride with our officers to ensure the integrity of our Department is protected.

Ride along participants only act as observers. They do not perform any law enforcement work that the officer would normally do. They do not wear a uniform or badge, operate a patrol car, handle department equipment or weapons or complete any official paperwork.

For more information about the program, click on this link.

If anyone from The West Watch does this, it would be great to get a first-hand report about their experience.  Please let us know!

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Allentown Pothole Hotline is Up and Running

The City of Allentown’s Pothole Hotline is up and running for the winter of 2015 season. Motorists who encounter a pothole on streets maintained by the city are urged to call the city’s Pothole Hotline at 610-437-8775.

The Streets Department recording asks callers to give the exact location of the pothole along with their name and telephone number in case the city needs to reach them to ascertain a more precise location.

A Street Department crew fills potholes using a PB Patcher unit that is fully self-contained and can be installed on any single axle dump truck. The unit has the capability of keeping hot mix material workable all day. The city has a goal of repairing potholes on high traffic volume streets within 24 hours and lower volume roads in 24-to-48 hours. If a complaint is received of a very large pothole, a supervisor is sent to the scene in a reasonable period of time to determine if immediate action is warranted.

According to Streets Superintendent Mark Shahda pothole patching is a priority. “At least one crew is assigned to pothole repairs every day. The city filled more than 12,500 potholes in 2014 at a cost of more than $110,000 in equipment, materials and labor.”

Callers can reach the Pothole Hotline 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 610-437-8775. The number can also be found on the home page of the city’s website at www.allentownpa.gov. An icon on the homepage links directly to the pothole page in the Public Works Department. Visitors to the pothole page can send an email directly to the Streets Department via a drop down box.

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Jan. 2015 Crime Map

Check the Crime Map page to see the Jan. 2015 crime map.  There were 270 incidences in PSA2 in Jan. There were 263 crimes reported in Dec.

The West Watch is planning our first meeting of the year for Tuesday, 4/14, at 7:30 p.m.  Yes, this is a new time.  We received a number of requests to move the meeting a little later to give people more time to eat their dinners.  More details to come!

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How to Avoid, and Survive, Being Carjacked

The most common crimes in our area are connected to our cars – car theft, theft of wheels, car break-ins.  The theft prevention devices on cars have improved tremendously, so carjackings have increased.  Here is an article on how to avoid being carjacked.

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